Past and Present

Book Cover: Past and Present
Part of the The Protector series:
  • Past and Present

Her life has always been rough. But Siana Wolfe never suspected it could become this complicated.

Snooty bastards and creepy landlords, she can handle. But reptilian assassins and other supernatural creatures intent on seeing her dead was a different story.

Siana's life was normal. As normal as it can be for someone like her. Until two men show up, demanding she helps them save a realm, she doesn't even remember.

Little did she know that it was the start of something new. Better and more exciting than her previous life.

Maybe this won't turn out so bad.

She hopes.

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Publisher: Cresent Heart Press

Siana entered her office and closed the door quickly behind her. Nerves still on edge and a little shaken after meeting the handsome, roguish man in her shop’s entrance hall.
She didn’t understand why she was so disturbed by him. Only that his presence made her both aroused and cautious. It didn’t help that upon seeing him. A familiar glowing light that she was used to seeing on a select few people in her life surrounded him.
Siana still didn’t know what it meant, and she had no one she could ask to clarify. She needed to keep away from him. Her instincts were screaming at her not to see him again. That would look odd now, however, since she somehow convinced the stranger to make an appointment to come back.
Why had she done that? Siana wasn’t sure. But she’s done many dumb things throughout her life and each time they’ve come back to bite her in the ass.
Feeling the urge to move, Siana started to pace.


Maybe she could get Leon to take her place. Then again, after the way she’d greeted him this morning. She doubted it.
Still, it couldn’t hurt to ask. It could also look unprofessional of her not to be there. After practically inviting the man to come in for an appointment.
Sighing, Siana suddenly felt tired. So much has happened to her today, and it was yet to be over. Even if it was, she could go home, but she wouldn’t… couldn’t sleep to take off the edge of her exhaustion.
A knock sounded at her door, but Siana never stopped pacing. Ida peeked her head in and spotted her, brows raised and eyes shining with curiosity.
“Everything okay?” She asked.
“Yeah. No. I don’t know. I guess I’m just tired.”
Ida came in and shut the door, leaning back against it. Her gaze assessing. “Talk to me. What’s going on inside that head of yours?”
Siana shook her head. “I don’t know. That guy earlier. Something is off about him.”
Ida’s head tilted. “How can you be sure? Have you met him before?”
“No. It’s my gut talking.”
Ida nodded. “I got the same feeling. So what are you going to do?”
Siana finally stopped pacing and frowned. “What do you mean?”
“You’ve made an appointment with him. Are you going to go through with it?”
“I have no choice,” Siana said, running a hand through her hair. “He will come won’t he?”
Ida nodded again. “Leon gets the impression he’s not the type to avoid his obligations.”
Siana cursed. “Wonderful. Do you think Leon could take over?”
“Maybe.” Ida tapped at her chin. “Doesn’t hurt to ask. But I feel the guy would only reschedule if Leon did. He seemed determined to talk to you.”
That made her frown, her heart thudded then stopped at Ida’s words. “What for?”
“No idea. He wouldn’t say.”
Sighing again, Siana went to her desk and spotted the time. Her shift was finally over, giving her the outing she needed to clear her head and figure out what she would do next. She had to figure out how to avoid meeting the guy again.
Gathering her things, Siana started for the door. Ida moved aside and followed her. “Will you be coming to the bar this Friday?”
Siana thought it over. Should she? Siana could use the outing to relax and take her mind off things for a while. “Yeah. I’ll be there.”
Ida smiled. “Great. Try not to be so late this time.”
Siana chuckled. “Sorry, but I told you. I was excitedly busy that night.”
Ida grimaced with discomfort. “I don’t want to know that.”
“Will Leon be there?” Siana asked cautiously.
Ida’s tone went grim. “No clue. I guess it will depend on his answers and if I believe them or not.”
They exited the hall and entered the entrance room to spot Leon seated on one of the waiting couches near the door. His jacket and keys already in hand.
He stood when Siana and Ida came closer.
“Are you leaving?” Ida asked, eying him.
“I was. Only because I thought you were leaving. I can wait.” He said.
“No need. Go home. I’ll be fine.”
It was awkward to see them so distant with each other. Siana was used to seeing them practically glued to each other’s asses for most of the day.
To see her friends reduced to this was heart-wrenching. She hopes they can work things out. They are good together. They were also the closest thing to a brother and sister to her.
It will be different and a little disturbing for Siana if they ended things.
“I will head home. Ida, do you want me to wait for you?” Siana asked.
She shook her head, gifting Siana with a reassuring smile. “Go. I promise. I’ll be okay.”
Siana hesitated for a brief second then walked out. Positive that Ida would be safe with Leon there. Now that Siana wasn’t around. Ida would have a hard time convincing Leon to leave too.
He had never allowed either of them to be left alone late at night. Not if he knew they were alone. Siana made it to the parking lot and froze. An odd sensation tingled up her spine. She was being watched. It was menacing and calculating but it was there. She could feel it. And it was on her.
Glancing around, Siana saw nothing out of the ordinary. But the feeling left her cold. Now on alert. Siana rushed to her car, the sensation never ebbing as she jumped in.
More than once, she’s felt this. Unable to locate where it was coming from. She suspects it has something to do with Ellis. He is the mayor of Ark City. But deep down, Siana suspected that it wasn’t him. It was someone she didn’t know.
Either way, she had to leave and fast. Because if she lingered, Siana guessed that she could end up taken or dead. Which made her wonder if her life was in danger and if it was. Then by who.


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