Past and Present: Meet the Characters

Some Characters in Past and Present:


This is a brief insight into a few of my special characters in the first book of the series. It’s not all of them. But just enough to have you get to know them. I’ll be updating this post at a later date and adding a few more details. For now, here are the ones I have for you. 

Adan Mayfield: The son of two former Council members of Auria. When his parent’s died, one of his father’s close friends, Gilfren Gallaghan and his wife Mirian took him in. Now an adult, he has enrolled in the Protectors Guild. The enforcers for the Council to hold up justice against the criminals in the Country of Auria. And hoping to catch the man responsible for ending the lives of his beloved parents.

Asia Wolfe: Once a foster kid. She grew up in a hellish lifestyle and was exposed to the darkest sides of humanity at an early age. She met one of her best friends Ida Ray in one of her foster groups and hasn’t been apart since. Now a grown woman, she has to live as the Ark City’s Mayor’s daughter along with trying to live by her own means. Yet her adopted parents are intent on controlling her and using her for their political gains. But there is also the magical turn in her life. She has abilities she didn’t know she had. She doesn’t understand it. Terrified of it. But she must do what she has too to protect those she cares about and not get killed.

Silas Hoover: A Protector who’s assigned to keep Asia safe from a madman determined to see her dead.

Nevin McColl: Another member of the Protectors. He’s also assigned to protect Asia.

Oriana: The woman responsible for Silas, Adan and Nevin and the mastermind in their mission. She also a member of the Council.

Nadia: She’s Oriana’s close friend and confidant in the Council. She also knows of the mission and is hoping for the best outcome for her friend.

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