What’s on my Shelf?

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For the month of May, I've searched around for some good books to read during these trying times and I've found quite a few that's caught my interest. First on…

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Final Cover Reveal: Past and Present

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Whew, it's done. I've finished the cover for Past and Present. After tons of research and determination. I've managed to create a design that does the story justice. What do…

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I’m Closer Than Ever

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This is the moment of truth. I'm now 80% finished into the writing phase of my book. I only have 8 more days remaining until the deadline. Wish me luck!!…

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Revamped Website Design

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Hello everyone! This is a new a revamped outlook on my website. Nothing special just something simple and not quite as distracting as it once was. I've made it where…

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